5 Best Bitcoin Wallets in 2018 + Each Bitcoin wallet Explained!

With Blockchain and Bitcoin dominating the market, cryptocurrencies have risen to the sky level in recent times. Bitcoin has been getting hotter day by day, and thus, investors are seen to be jumping over dealing in “crypto” these days!

Just as we live in a home and we want our house to provide us safety and security from all kinds of natural calamities or thefts and burglaries. Crypto wallets are where the cryptocurrencies live! To be more exact on topic, Bitcoin wallet is where we store our Bitcoins. Thus, in a similar way, it is extremely important to make sure that the wallet we have been picking up is comprised of all the security features so as to keep our funds safe.

Storing our funds is as significant as purchasing them. Thus, if you are looking forward to investing in Bitcoin or has already invested in it, don’t worry, it’s never too late, you can still choose a Bitcoin wallet that works the best for you and preserve your Cryptocurrencies into it.

The necessity of a Bitcoin wallet is definitely too much since your private key is the only way through which one can claim your Bitcoins, so why keep your belongings at such a huge risk? Investing in a crypto wallet is thus, definitely a wise decision to make. But which one to purchase? In order to come out of the confusion, keep reading! I have created the content with more emphasis on safety since the frequency of cyber-crimes have been increasing rapidly over time. However, with the demand of cryptocurrencies getting higher, the need of crypto wallets is increasing simultaneously.

Best Bitcoin Wallets

Here, in this guide, I am about to mention five best Bitcoin wallets. (2018 Edition)

ledger nano s hardware walletThis Bitcoin wallet stores your Bitcoins in the offline mode, which in turn enables confirmation of the best security of your coins. It is one of the best multicurrency wallets and being quite inexpensive, costing only around $65. Ledger Nano S looks somewhat similar to a USB, and you can connect it easily by simply plugging it into your PC. It has an anti-tampering sticker and an OLED screen. It also features recovery phrase with the help of which you can restore your Bitcoins whenever you want to!

It is the world’s first Bitcoin hardware wallet. Of course, it is quite popular among the crypto lovers and comes at a budget if $99. This small device is featured with an OLED screen which could be connected to the PC or cell phone via a USB port. It lets you store your private keys offline as well as sign your transactions. The 24 words seed key enables you to restore your Bitcoins even if you damage the device or lose it. Thus, make sure you do not lose the seed key. Keep it safely or write it down somewhere and preserve it carefully.

jaxx walletThe attractive multicurrency HD Bitcoin wallet would surely make any crypto lover fall in love with it! It has got an amazing User Interface which is absolutely simple and seamless to use. It features a multi-coin support and a cross-platform pairing. It comes with a ShapeShift integration for currency exchange and works pretty well on iOS, tablets, desktops – Mac or Linux, Chrome and Firefox extensions. It also lets you recover your Bitcoins at ease even if you lose the device or damage it anyway with the help of the seed key. The stunning features of this wallet have constantly been kept under improvement by the developing team so as to enhance the UX. You do not require any sort of email verification, usernames or passwords or onboarding.

mycelium bitcoin walletIf you are looking for an HD Bitcoin wallet that comes with an easy to use UI, Mycelium would definitely be an ideal choice for you. This open-source wallet and frictionless tool preserve your Cryptocurrencies, and you can control it with the Bitcoin private key. It comes with a 12-word seed key which lets you seek your Bitcoins even if the device is lost or it gets damaged by any chance. The developer community seems to work hard to bring in new improvements to this wallet so as to enhance user experience. It has been giving good competition to most other crypto wallets available in the market recently. This 12 word recovery key should be kept safe since you will be losing your Bitcoins once you lose it.

The user interface of this Bitcoin wallet is quite impressive, and the pie chart that appears right at the center of the screen makes it even more appealing. You would be able to get a quick glance at your portfolio just as you open your Exodus wallet with the help of it. You can use the seed key to take a back up, and while doing so, you would receive an email notification, and you can set your password with that recovery link. However, you ought to have at least a little balance in your wallet before you opt for taking a back up of your seed key. Thus, when you are asked to provide your email ID, you can definitely register it. It is regarded as the first desktop wallet to own inbuilt ShapeShift for exchanging Cryptocurrencies. It is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


I have used all of these crypto wallets myself, and certainly, I was quite impressed with my experience. I hope, you too, would like them as well! Let me know which of these was the best according to you.

Lastly, it has been just a handful of days we stepped into this new year “2018”, hope your investments in “Crypto” bring good colors and help you make some awesome money. In case I have missed out something in this article, I would love to receive your valuable feedback in the comment section, cause, we are never too old to learn!

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