DASH Wallet? Here are Our 5 Best Picks For 2018 + Safety Tips

Dash was earlier known in the name of Xcoin or Darkcoin. This is basically an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Dash has got a decentralized budgeting and governance system that makes it a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO. It features a self-funding and a self-governing model that enables the network to make transactions with both individuals as well as businesses. It is one of the top cryptocurrencies in the market cap and has been doing really well.

Dash is basically a digital currency that is based on the Bitcoin software and has been created by the financial advisor and software developer, Evan Duffield. The management team works really hard and combining all of it; Dash has successfully stood out to be one of the best investments for a crypto lover, particularly for the practical usage and strong foundation of this platform. All these reasons have succeeded in attracting such a huge number of people to make an investment in Dash coin.

While some go for a short-term investment, others prefer to opt for a long-term one. If you haven’t yet tried Dash coin, make sure you have a glance at it very soon!

For all those who have already made their investment in Dash coin, I am pretty sure you are looking for a Dash wallet where you can secure your assets. Before you jump on to pick up a wallet, here are some of the factors you must pay attention to:

  • Ease of use

The wallet you pick should have an elegant user interface. This is quite obvious since each one of us would look for a wallet that is simple and fast.

  • Private keys

Don’t you want the key to the lock of your house? Similarly, you would go for a wallet where you own as well as control your keys.

  • Compatibility

The wallet you are choosing needs to be compatible with all the operating systems in order to ensure easy functionality.

Security features

  • Note the security features and backup options of your wallet carefully.
  • Active Developer community
  • The wallet must own an active developer community to make sure that transactions and security prospects are well recorded and maintained.

Best Dash Wallets to Store you Coins

Here I am going to list five best Dash wallets of 2018, as per my own user experience. All of them have got all the necessary features, and the factors I have mentioned above are agreed by each of these wallets. Read on…

ledger nano s hardware walletThis is one of the most popular hardware wallets that helps you store and secure all your assets. For the first time, when you opt to set up the wallet, you would receive a 24 word paraphrase that is meant to be used for creating your private key. They offer a rigid security. While sending Dash to other address, you would need to connect this device to the web version of the Ledger wallet. This wallet comes with a small OLED screen that controls all your transactions.

dash coreIt is the official desktop wallet that lets you own the private keys of your wallet. In case your PC gets damaged, you can restore your private keys using your paraphrase. It lets you access all the features of Dash, namely, InstaSend, PrivateSend, governance, master node management, etc. It is currently available for Linux (32, 64, Raspberry Pi2), Windows (32, 64 bit) and Mac. You can even try using Dash Mobile wallet or Dash Paper wallet to secure your cryptos.


This is the first multi-currency desktop wallet in the world, crafted by Daniel Castagnoli and JP Richardson. The pie-chart for your portfolio that appears at the centre of the screen just as you open this wallet is an attractive thing about it. It has got ShapeShift built in for the sake of exchanging cryptocurrencies. Thus, you can convert one crypto to another in just a few seconds. It is a HD wallet that does not make any compromise in terms of security. You own your own private keys, and the 12-word paraphrase that you would get needs to be stored safely.

CoinomiThis is a popular mobile wallet that enables you to hold around 70 cryptocurrencies and 200 + tokens. It has an active development team with innovative minds, and the effort of the team is clearly witnessed in the progress of the platform. It has got an easy to use UI with tight security options. It is an HD wallet that uses BIP 44 Protocol. Thus, you can keep only one paraphrase and can backup your wallet just once. You need to keep your private keys secure with your seed keys, so as to ensure that your assets are safe.

jaxx mutlicrypto currency walletThis is a popular wallet that avails a famous multi-currency blockchain interface. It is available both for your mobile as well as desktop. It was formerly created by Decentral, a Canadian based company. It has ShapeShift.io integration for easy conversion of cryptocurrencies. It is an HD wallet that allows the users to restore funds at ease with a 12-word backup seed key. It lets you import and export private keys whenever you would want, and the active development community is doing really well to improve the user experience.

Safety tips:

  • Control your funds, make sure you have absolute ownership by securing your private keys.
  • Control your devices; avoid any sort of unknown connections. It is always a wise decision to invest in a VPN that is particularly meant to improve your privacy, and your activity won’t be traced.
  • Establish a secure cold storage option. Back up seeds should be handwritten and stored somewhere in a safe place.
  • Go under a well-known pseudonym if possible.
  • Avoid providing any sort of public indication regarding your personal holdings. The excitement can cost you bigger!

We would love hearing from you about your experience in investing in Dash and the wallet options you prefer. Lastly, take your own security measures to ensure that your assets remain all yours!

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