6 Best NEO (NEON) Coin Wallets in 2018 + Each explained!

NEO has gained a hell lot of attention over the past few months and is also known for raising the interest of investment among the new investors. Even the old investors came up to invest in it. It is known as the “Chinese Ethereum” or the “second Ethereum.” From pennies, it has got an amazing rise in its value, and thus, the increment is highly appreciated among the investors.

NEO is basically a Chinese Cryptocurrency that has got an Ethereum-like model and consisted of two tokens, GAS, and NEO. Some people in the market even call this currency as an “Ethereum Killer” due to its growing popularity over Ether. NEO was regarded as Ant shares formerly, but the rebranding of the cryptocurrency has helped it to rise till the peak like never before. The stunning privacy control and promising framework of this cryptocurrency have helped NEO to rise so much, and it is expected to do the same in 2018 as well.

The NEO project has not yet been too old, and that is why it has not got numerous wallet options available for storing the NEO cryptocurrencies. However, there are still some choices for you to make and the developers have been working to create better things in the coming days.

With the growing buzz about NEO in the market, by now, I can expect that you have already thrown some chips for this cryptocurrency or is planning to do so this year. Whichever way it may be, you ought to store your coins safely, and for that, you need a crypto wallet. Mentioned below are some of the best NEO wallets, go through and pick one:

Best NEO (NEON) Wallets

ledger nano s hardware walletThis is a popular multi-currency hardware wallet and has a record of working pretty good among the crypto enthusiasts. It is not much expensive, and you can easily afford it. Besides, being small and portable, you can easily move around with this wallet in your pocket. This hardware wallet has got a good term of collaboration with NEON. Hardware wallets are the most in demand due to the privacy it offers from the skeptical eyes of cybercriminals. It is one of the most secure NEO wallets and has earned a good fame among the crypto lovers. Definitely, if you are thinking to pick up a hardware wallet, you can give it a try!

neo wallet appThe developers of NEO and GAS has made this wallet, and the API based light wallet is managed by the NEO community. It offers extra security to your transactions, and the best part of it is that the NEO server has no keys uploaded in it, thereby helping you to keep using the wallet even in the offline mode. However, though I am discussing “NEO Wallet” here, there remains a confusion between this and “NEOWallet.” So, the second one is an open source wallet that has been developed by OnCoin. OnCoin and NEO are said to be sister concerns, but the confusing names create a botheration among the people.

neon gui walletThis is a desktop wallet that has been made by the NEO developers. The Graphic User Interface of the wallet enables the user to synchronize it wonderfully with the entire NEO blockchain. You can create backups for your wallet as it has got a WIF or HEX format private key to ensure offering extra protection to your funds. This wallet is supported on PCs and laptops with Windows 7 version or above that.

It is an amazing “light wallet” that permits the users to access the NEO blockchain directly on the web browser. This wallet keeps all the records of your transactions stored in an offline mode which in turn is beneficial to you regarding security. Thus, the wallet server does not hold any of your information which is definitely safe for you to preserve your funds. The users can even choose to print their own paper wallets with the help of NEO Tracker.


binanceBinance has already gained quite a lot of popularity as one of the fastest growing exchanges for selling or purchasing cryptocurrencies. This exchange has got a wide range of inbuilt wallets for storing the funds of the users, and consequently, the NEO wallet of Binance has become quite rewarding due to its impressive features and security accesses. In case you are already holding your NEO in exchange, you can consider Binance as an option to store your funds.

neon paper wallet exampleThis is an NEO paper wallet that keeps the private as well as the private address printed on a piece of paper. Any amount of NEO could be sent to the wallet by using the public address which is the usual case done while sending funds. The private key is for you to be used when you are looking forward to sending funds to someone else’s public address. You need to keep the paper secure, and since it is offline, you are safe from all kinds of cyber threats.

Some final words:

Although I have talked about Binance as an option to store your NEO wallet, I do not intend you to prefer it anyway. It is just mentioned as a kind of option available to you. Apart from that, I would like to say that it would be better for you to store your tokens in a wallet that does support GAS since that would help you earn some free money.

So that’s all I had to say about NEO wallets. I tried picking out some of the best NEO wallets for you since it is a growing talk among the crypto lovers and hope it will bring several better options for you in the upcoming days. I am looking forward to hearing from you now! If you have already invested in NEO, which of these NEO wallets are you using? If not, which are you planning to use when you invest in NEO the next? Anyway, would love to get your response in the comment section.

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