Ripple (XRP) Wallets: (Store your coins Safe & Secure)

If you have bought ripple (XRP) coins and looking for the best ripple wallet, you’re not the only one and people like me were searching the web to find one, that is why I sat down to list the best available wallets in 2018.

Some people consider Ripple as an alternative to the Bitcoin, but it is not, it has different applications and the way to deploy in future is completely different.

With the masses going crazy every day about the Bitcoin, all the once unknown cryptocurrencies are emerging forward. These may include Ethereum and many more. But the latest is the Ripple, situated as second in the market charts.

Do you know what is Ripple?

The moment you hear the word Ripple, you might be wondering what is it. And how does it really work? Well to answer your ask, it’s a payment method and a cryptocurrency.
Blockchain technology is working behind the Ripple, however, it’s affiliation with legitimate financial institutions is what makes it different from the rest.
XRP is the currency of Ripple which isn’t mined by the users.
The aim and objective of Ripple is a quick facilitation of money transfers globally. With the transactions being cleared within 4 seconds as compared to the banks taking 3 to 4 days for clearing a cross-border transaction.

Questions once you have bought XRP?

With so much news all across the globe, many are interested in getting their hands on Ripple and XRPs as early as possible. But once you have your hands on them, there are numerous questions arising to your mind. These mind baffling questions are what you may find troublesome:

  • Where to store them?
  • What wallets do support XRP?

Ripple XRP Wallets:

Here we will be discussing the wallets that are best supported for XRPs and provide a security assurance to the owner. Not only that but also spending XRP through these wallets is also healthy in terms of security. Ascertaining you that your cryptocurrency is safeguarded and is in safe hands.

Below listed are what we regard as the best 5 Wallets that support XRP and assure you top security for safeguarding your crypto-wealth.

  • Ledger Nano S
  • Rippex
  • GateHub
  • Poloniex
  • CoinPayments

Ledger Nano S (Hardware Wallet):

ledger nano s hardware walletLedger Nano S is the most famous XRP wallet on the market even though it is a hardware wallet. The need for a hardware wallet is to be able of storing the cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency is stored in such a way that they are accessible only via an offline device. You will be required the hardware to access your cryptocurrency funds through the code that is associated with the device. Making this to be unhackable.
Not only that, Ledger Nano S also allows the users to store multiple cryptocurrencies in it at once. Be it Dash, BTC, ETH, Zcash, or even Stratis it supports all including the XRP.

Talking about the merits of Ledger Nano S, you can simply say its secure, inexpensive, and less complex in terms of use.

Rippex (Ripple Desktop Wallet):

rippexThe second wallet supporting XRP on our list is Rippex. Rippex is popular among the masses that it charges for transactions are very low and the registration’s also free. You get only the freedom but also a wallet which is liberated of all government rules.

Ripplex offers the users with the vast number of features. The control it offers in users’ hands, the privacy of users, and transparency in transactions. Rippex offers unlimited coin options for the Ripple. Rippex also does support multiple currencies, and ripple can be bought via paying in Euro, US Dollars, and the Chinese Yen. Rippex is also available on the desktop not only limited to the mobiles.

The best merit of Rippex is the low transaction fee, coins can be transferred, exchanged, deposited with a fee that is 0.2 or 0.3 percent.

GateHub (Online Ripple Wallet):

gatehub ripple walletGateHub is by far the best and most popular Ripple Wallets. As the aforementioned wallets GateHub as well supports multiple cryptocurrencies. Via this wallet deposition and withdrawal is a lot easier and simpler. The access to real-time data on display for the exchange rates, making it easier for investors, to keep a track on their coins and funds.

GateHub’s only drawback with Ripple is that it prolongs the process of buying Ripple. The process goes as, deposit the money from bank account, and then buy bitcoins. As you get bitcoins, you can get them converted to Ripple coins.

GateHub has a simple and easy wallet that makes it by far the best among the competitors even a beginner will get a better understanding of the wallet. The transaction records are kept in detail for the users and are well functioned in terms of buying and transactions. Moreover, it is accepted on many (online) stores for payment.

Poloniex (Storing coins in Exchange):

poloniexPoloniex wallet is the fastest way to get Ripple coins in your possession, as it has been the best way possible to buy or to store the coins in short term. In terms of understanding and using Poloniex, it is one of the easiest to use as the interface is very simple.

Like the other mentioned Cryptocurrency wallets, Poloniex also supports multiple cryptocurrencies. Buying, storing or even exchanging can be done using the Android app of Poloniex as the transaction fee is 0.15%.

The demerit is it doesn’t support real-life currencies such as the US Dollars and the rest. You need to have Bitcoin or Ethereum to convert them into Ripple coins (XRPs).
However, the merit is the security of transactions offered to the users. As ever since the 2014 hack, Poloniex has comeback well, in terms of managing a secure environment for the users.

CoinPayments (Payment System):

coinpaymentsCoinPayments is the final wallet on our list & it is very trustworthy in the market. CoinPayments’ interface is much familiar to a physical bank. Since it can support and accept more than 75 cryptocurrencies, it’s vastly regarded as the most diversified cryptocurrency wallet.

Talking about the transaction fee, that’s meager 0.5%. CoinPayments offer an unlimited exchange to the customers, as well as the storage. Using this platform Ripple can be even used to buy stuff online. As the CoinPayments’ collaborates with numerous merchants globally, that makes it easier for transactions using Ripple coins. And for every transaction only then, you be paying the fees.
The account can be opened for free, with using your email ID. Which makes its reach globally easier than the competitors. Even the Non-commercial withdrawals are free. Now that’s the best thing about it.

They don’t really work as a wallet when you get to know the environment, it is a payment network. The security of your coins in the wallet is guaranteed. The purpose of this coin is to actually allow you to spend your coins not limiting you to trade only.


Searching for a trustable, fast, and secure Ripple wallet can be a hectic errand. Henceforth, we brought you the best wallets, in the shape of hardware, online and desktop wallets as well as the payment system and exchanges. Now since they are all in front of you, it is up to you to choose whichever you find sufficient enough to fulfill your Ripple Coin Wallet needs.

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