5 Ways to buy Ripple (XRP) Cheap within 10 Minutes

With cryptocurrency making its name and grasp stronger day after day. Several newer cryptocurrencies are making their ways to the market. And one such cryptocurrency is Ripple. Ripple has been launched in 2017 and from its very launch, it was gaining attention. Now it stands as the second-best cryptocurrency after the Bitcoin to invest in.

Due to lack of knowledge regarding Ripple its difficult to find on your own the way to possess XRP coins. Neither you’d be able to get the fastest way on your own in quicker time. Hence, this article will come to your aid, in terms of getting your hands on the XRP coins, within minutes. Not only that but also the process will be easier through these methods. So that you can easily get done with your Ripple.

How to Buy Ripple Fast:

Below are the methods, or ways to buy Ripple discussed in brief, erasing all of your confusions and answering all the necessary queries to be answered. Let’s get started then. Bitsane is also optional but it has its drawbacks. Be it the time for the transaction or the process, So let’s just cut the crap and go to the most faster ones.


gatehub ripple wallet

GateHub is where you should look to be considering investing the time to, in terms of fetching some XRP coins. All you are required to do is to visit the web (ie. www.gatehub.com) and signup to create your account. After signing up, you will be required to confirm your email address.

With getting your account and email confirmed, a dashboard will be displayed with a message in the middle of the page. I suggest you ignore everything and visit the wallet on your screen. As it will allot you the  Ripple wallet address. Congrats, now you successfully have your very own Ripple wallet.

Next errand is to visit the shapeshift.io and select the currency pairs that will be exchanged (Bitcoin for XRP or any other). Input the XRP coin amount you want to purchase, and the Ripple wallet address, with Bitcoin return address. Next, send the Bitcoin to the shapeshift.io generated address. And within 3-4 minutes the transfer will be accomplished successfully. & thank us for making the job much easier than ever before and speedier with Gatehub.


coinbase buy and sell digital currencies

Since there are no possible ways yet to purchase Ripple through USD without the need of any other cryptocurrency. This method will provide you the means to buy XRP from USDs in an inexpensive way. So let’s get started.

We require you to begin by signing up on the Coinbase and connect it with the bank account. But in case it’s a hurry, you can simply buy funds with credit/debit card. Login to GDAX via coinbase account, as it is free for transferring funds. I prefer you this just to avoid ID confirmation process. Now buy Ethereum from your funds and purchase the USD amount you will be willing to invest in the Ripple.
Once all this is done, you are good to go now.

Via Credit Card:

This is the quickest method for purchasing your own Ripple funds. And the process initiates with your coinbase account. Add a credit or debit of Visa or Mastercard and purchase the desired amount in Litecoin. Now you go and transfer the Litecoin from Coinbase to the Binance. Once the transfer is completed exchange the Litecoin for Bitcoins on Binance. You will be exchanging Litecoin for Bitcoin as there’s no direct trade for Litecoin for XRP. Once Bitcoin is purchased, use Binance to buy XRP. Voila! Your job’s done at a speedy pace.

Exchange for Ripple:

For purchasing Ripple three things are necessary for this step. That we will be discussing here in detail to simplify the complex looking process.Once you have your coinbase account you can link it to the bank account enabling the easy transfer from your bank account into the coinbase. There are alternative ways, that can be bank wire, credit card, but linking your bank account provides the lowest fees.

In our next step, you will be needing an exchanger, as there’s no possible way to buy Ripple from your bank account directly. You will have to purchase another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and then exchange it for XRP. Exchanger such as changelly.com is what we are using here in this process. Any other exchange may work as well, but not everyone is supporting Ripple as of now.

The final thing to complete the chain of steps is the Ripple wallet. Cryptocurrency wallet’s a software program that stores in it the private/public keys. And interacts various blockchains to enable the users in order to send and receive the digital currency and also monitor the balance. Rippex is a Ripple Wallet that we will prescribe for you to use, you can use it to send and receive ripple, as well as if you have other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin you can exchange it for ripple!
This is all for this step, by following this guide you can get yourself some Ripple in quick time.

Ripple Web & Kraken:

ripple official exchanges

Visit the Ripple website, here you can get to know everything about the Ripple. The navigation bar has a tab, reading “XRP”, which drags down to show a list. Click on “Buy XRP”. It will show you numerous ways to purchase such as Institutional or Individual purchases. And down below there are exchanges present.

Kraken buy ripple

Kraken is the preferred exchange in this step. Sign up on Kraken, and activate the account afterwards. Once you are navigating around the Kraken website, you can see the things that can be traded for the Ripple. Here you will have to deposit your money into the account and then trade up. That is how you can buy the Ripple through Kraken.

There are not only these, rather many other ways of getting your hands on the Ripple funds. You can get the Ripple, but only through an exchange of any other cryptocurrency. Ripple is regarded as the 3rd largest cryptocurrency and is rapidly growing with time.

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