ICON (ICX) Coin (Best Wallets of 2018) + SETUP GUIDE

ICON (ICX) Trading has been a non-existent venture only about 200 days ago. This coin has grasped the recent market and is seen to become a hot buzz all around. However, you cannot trust the crypto market so easily since it’s the place that lets you go up or come down in just a single drop. The Icon Project has become quite famous over time, and the major reason behind it is that this platform is using a little different kind of protocols. Perhaps, that is the reason for which this token has managed to remain in the first position and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Apparently, ICON (ICX) project has been using a blockchain protocol that is known as the loop chain. The loop chain usually has got a very simple prospect of usage, and it is probably because it has been quite a demanding task in the mind of the programmer. These loop chains play a significant role in this ICX project, and the basic idea surrounding this project is to create numerous systems that are based on the blockchain. The main job of this technology is to host plenty of industries all at the same time. The same platform is used to host all the ecosystems but by using different networks of blockchains. In this way, loop chain helps the users to remain in touch with the other systems within the same platform.

Icon project is being used as a popular platform of choice by many of the companies, universities, and industries in Korea. The basic upside of such a kind of system is that it has the ability to create a marketplace for a huge number of services and products. Though the whole set up is separated into smaller systems, they still remain connected with one another. That is how there have been separate smaller platforms existing within a large decentralized ecosystem.

When it comes to the development of communication technologies, Korea stands out to be one of the top five countries. Also, it stands out to be one of the largest economies in the whole world. ICX has come to the point of gaining a massive success for the developers behind it has taken the project quite seriously and doing really well with the same for its improvement.

No matter the size of the blockchain, the sole purpose of ICON (ICX) coin is to create a unifying system for the integration of unlimited numbers of blockchains.

ICON has gained a lot of funding and follow-ups from some really big companies; the partners include key names such as Samsung, Ripple Asia and more.

Buy ICX coins and store in a Wallet

In order to buy ICX coins, you can consider using Chnagelly (a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform that comes with a clean interface). You can even consider using Coinbase and Binance too.

This guide would explain to you how to buy and safely store ICX coins:

if you have bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, We’d recommend you use changelly instant exchanger to convert into ICX coins, once done, keep reading:

  • MyEtherWallet: (Setup your ICON Wallet)

myetherwalletThis is an amazing option for storing your crypto coins. It ensures the availability of a user-friendly interface and makes sure that your coins remain absolutely secure. This is even my personal favorite and by far has got no complaint or bad remarks.

  • To start with, it is always a good option to store your Icon coins in a wallet. This is certainly the easiest and the most convenient option so far. You can opt for MyEtherWallet that is potent for storing any coin including the Icon on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • After you have created the wallet with a strong password, move on to the next step.
  • Click on ‘Download Keystore File.’ Read and understand the warnings and click on ‘Continue.’
  • Now, you shall be offered with a powerful encrypted key that would be provided to your crypto wallet. Make sure that you are not disclosing your private key to anyone for security purpose as it is almost similar to that of giving the keys of your treasure box to someone else. Now, you need to save the wallet address.
  • At first, select the ‘Keystore File’ option, and then upload the Keystore file you have already saved. Move on to enter the password. Scroll down to view your wallet.
  • You would find a long string appearing on your screen. This is your wallet address. Copy it and keep it safe as you may need it to deal with cryptocurrencies.
  • You can then opt for purchasing Ethereum in order to exchange it for Icon coins.

Just as you are already done with your investment on Icon coins, it is obvious for you to opt for a wallet. Storing your cryptocurrencies safely is as important as securing your jewels. Here are a few Icon (ICX) wallet options for you:


ICONEX Wallet createThis is the official wallet service ICON. It does not only let you store your ICX, but you may even use it to store several other cryptocurrencies. So far, it has only got the PC version available. However, the developers are putting efforts to provide the mobile version as well to the investors in the upcoming days.

A last note:

When it comes to digital coins, you can never promise about anything. It can either rise up too quickly or go down even quicker. So, let us all hope for the good and expect to see its growth in the recent times.

Comment below to help us know about your own opinion regarding Icon (ICX) project. In case we have missed any information, we would be glad to receive your suggestions on the sane. Cheers!

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